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It is thus with great pleasure that we present their years of hard work and research excellence: finds that a significant majority of corporate executives and their employees from the nation's largest companies recognize the harmful and extensive impact of domestic violence in the workplace, yet only 13% of corporate executives think their companies should address the problem.finds Approximately two-thirds of Americans say it is hard to determine whether someone has been a victim of domestic abuse (64%) and want more information about what to do when confronted with domestic violence (65%).In fact, many women who've escaped abusive relationships swear to themselves that they will never get into another one, only to find themselves becoming victims of abuse once again.

Patty advised that you should listen to affirmations when you are getting ready, out for a walk or traveling to work because they will start to have a positive effect on your understanding that you are deserving of respect.

If you find yourself constantly asking yourself if you are overreacting or being too sensitive, it is time to move on.

If your partner continuously insults you or makes fun of you when you out in public, chances are he or she is an emotional manipulator.

Someone who is an emotional manipulator will always make their partner question the validity of their feelings.

On the flip side, an emotional manipulator who refuses to communicate their needs will get angry when you don't meet them, leaving you constantly waiting for them to get upset about something you've unknowingly failed to do.

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