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Almost a century has passed since Osborne and colleagues in 1917 observed that reducing calorie intake in rats increased the animal’s life span (1). were first to describe that calorie restriction – deliberately reducing calories without causing malnutrition – prolongs mean and maximal lifespan in rats compared with rats fed ad libitum (2).Numerous subsequent studies have confirmed that a calorie restriction of 30 to 60 percent of ad libitum intake increases the life span by similar amounts in a range of organisms including yeast, roundworms and rodents, while simultaneously decreasing or delaying the occurrence of age related diseases such as numerous cancers (including lymphomas, breast and prostate cancers), hypertension, stroke, diabetes, nephropathy, autoimmune disorders and other risks factors for cardiovascular disease (3,4).

Martin is the original popularizer of the IF method and has researched the subject extensively.It has been hypothesized that the reported beneficial health effects from caloric restriction on excess body weight, cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism, tumor physiology, neurodegenerative pathology and life span can be mimicked by alternating periods of short term fasting with periods of refeeding, without deliberately altering the total caloric intake.Therefore, a systematic review of available intervention studies on intermittent fasting and animal and human health was performed.A bipartisan group of lawmakers ripped the president after he reportedly used a vulgar term when referencing immigrants from Haiti and African nations Thursday.Comments called 'divisive, elitist' The behavior of Blaze Bernstein's friend at a sheriff’s headquarters caught the attention of investigators, according to newly obtained search warrants. ' We haven’t linked this to a specific food' The Russian president said the North Korean leader 'completed his strategic task' of developing a nuclear arsenal, proving that he has the West beat.

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