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There is a vegetable garden with agroforestry system where there are strawberry, banana, papaya, avocado, edible flowers, corn, yams, leafy vegetables, spices and native fruits.There is a 30m2 greenhouse of organic semi-hydroponic strawberry.2 large springs, experimental 4,500 olive trees, banana plantations, modest orchards, children's activities of public schools conducted by nuns, rural entrepreneurship NGO for development, production of healthy food and sustainable products for income generation and participatory investments and community projects.Our goal is to live self-sufficient, we are building the space that we aim to transform it, one day into an ecovillage.It is allowed to drink beer (outside activities, in moderation and whenever it is handmade free of transgenics) and Wine with lunch / dinner.Smoking: only if it is natural tobacco, no industrial cigarette or hookah is allowed. For those who are vegans I want to make it clear that here bee farming is not a practice of animal exploitation or of ill-treatment, quite the opposite, the main focus of this project is the rescue and reproduction of native species, which are in danger of extinction.We live 3 km from the property, the volunteers would stay here during the volunteer house is build.

The next step is to build, we will make the first constructions of superadobe now in March / 2018, so we will live there and continue the bio-construction of the space.

The activities of the site consist of the harvesting of strawberries and maintenance of the areas in production, such as chicken coop, greenhouses, etc.

We have the main family home and a bio-building (eucalyptus cabin) to house our volunteers, with a wood stove. We have access to the river that passes the property.

At least 3 times a year, biodynamic preparations are applied to the plantations.

Activities: care of bees, planting and collection of vegetables, composting, production of native seedlings and gardening.

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