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The nearly 500-foot Thread City Crossing spanning the Willimantic River would be fairly unremarkable if not for its four 11-foot frog sculptures.

The Frog Bridge of Willimantic commemorates a night in 1754 when everyone thought it was Judgment Day -- but the ominous noise was just drought-panicked frogs fighting to the death over pond water.

It's perhaps best viewed from a boat, which affords a stunning vista of the rock face with a glacier backdrop.

At Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, about an hour's drive southeast of Phoenix, visitors can see the remains of one of the largest prehistoric structures in North America.

The free Johnson Victrola Museum has some spectacular ones, along with an exhibit devoted to Nipper, the RCA mascot, and a recreated record shop circa 1910.Inside are some 300 items such as taxidermied two-headed turtles and calves and a ship with rigging made of prisoners' hair.After a bridge in the San Gabriel Mountains was completed, a flood wiped out the road leading to it.Although most of the trash was removed, small pieces of broken glass remained on the beaches, and the ocean smoothed their edges over time.Removing sea glass from the beaches is against the law, but the International Sea Glass Museum offers free admission and sells sea glass jewelry.

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