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In both fields, mistakes can quickly put people's lives at risk.

That's why high safety standards should be a matter of course for both.

Here, we get to try the game jump BALL that has been developed by wear HEALTH to support thrombosis prophylaxis.

Neither a compass nor a map will help a surgeon plan surgery and guide surgical instruments. They can be based on imaging methods, such as CT or MRI, or on instruments connected to the screen via sensors.

Jamm makes its debut at Medica (Stand 16G25-1), with its innovative and uniquely designed safety product, the Jamm Doorstop.

Jamm Doorstops are designed and manufactured in the UK and they protect...

Start your day with an abundant breakfast buffet in the Classico Restaurant with open kitchen and sample typical Dusseldorf delicacies in the evening in the rustic Rheinische Stov, modelled on city's Old Town pubs.

Given all of these interests and concerns, the developers face many challenges.

In this interview, we put some of them under the microscope and examine how they can be sidestepped or entirely avoided.

Newly described stretches of super-silenced DNA reveal a fresh approach to reprogram cell identity to use in regenerative medicine studies and one day in the clinic, according to a study in Molecular Cell last week by investigators from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine have successfully developed a method to grow hairy skin from mouse pluripotent stem cells-a discovery that could lead to new approaches to model disease and new therapies for the treatment of skin disorders and cancers.

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