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Most workplaces have colleague dinners which take place anywhere from once a month to several times a week. These dinners last for at least a couple of hours and require many shots of , cheap rice liquor.

I like the fact that men and women aren’t segregated in social drinking situations, but if male colleagues decide that they want you to drink, then it’s expected that you go along with it.

However, most of my random interactions are with older Korean men. ” I started to wish I had pretended not to speak Korean. A young man leaned across from his bench behind me. As with smoking, spitting is not considered impolite, at least not for men.

Perhaps it’s because of my instinct to be wary of all men when I’m traveling alone, but no matter how polite I want to be, by now I generally get frustrated. Most people only spit outside (which always makes me nervous when I pass people on my bicycle, lest they not know I’m coming and spit on me), but occasionally I’ve seen men spit indoors. As in all countries, adapting to challenges is part of the adventure.

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