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World Map Sticker for Panniers Show your route on your panniers. So I was curious to see if Motobins was still in business and found this post: Motobins parts quality - ADVrider I am too cheap to pay for a higher 5th or lower 1st, and limited my rebuilding to new bearings and seals, shifter pawl springs and Kbike metal shifter roller wheel to replace the plastic one used in airheads.Great conversation starter when you meet people on the road! However reading the above post, I would use the Kaiser 5th with superior heat treating since it sounds like a superior part.Many thanks once again for all the help here, Andy Please don't use any copper added substances on aluminium, especially not the header nuts...use aluminium or other none alumium eating substances and loosen them once a year, grease em up and tighten them up again...

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Ithen moved on to get the engine mounting bolts out . What do I need - riding gear, clothing, camping gear, first aid kit, tires, maps, GPS? With an HU blog, you'll get a lot more readers than in some obscure corner of the web, it's all set to go, no setup required, and it's free! These intrepid women share their tips to help you plan your own motorcycle adventure. This section is about staying healthy, happy and secure on your motorcycle adventure. This section will help you to stay connected to your friends and loved ones, and make new friends along the way! People who want to meet travellers - yes that's YOU - and can provide local assistance, and may be your new best friends! For the first time ever, a motorcycle travel DVD made for women, by women!Travel Books Motorcycle and travel books to inspire and inform you! Not sure I could bring myself to open up a perfectly good transmission just to replace 5th if there is nothing on the magnetic drain plug indicating imminent bearing failure though. Labor is the main cost of rebuilding a transmission which is why I did the work myself and spent my money on parts. It's not rocket science and there is plenty of useful information on the internet to aid the home mechanic.Cheers, John Downs Thanks for that John, it sounds like the Kaiser is the gear to go for and I have no problem with paying extra for quality, has anybody fitted one of these and done a lot, as in 50,000 plus miles?

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