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The youngest of three sisters ends up destitute and with ten children on her hands. Lovely reading in rather old-fashioned sounding RP and fun charactersizations; the reader is especially good at catty females. Paul's mother, trapped in a miserable marriage, essentially commits emotional incest with her son. I don't much care for Lawrence, but this was engaging and listenable, maybe because it's said to be the most biographical of Lawrence's novels, and thus more true to life. Good RP reading; reader is clever at imitating accents, perhaps too clever; he uses it to distinguish characters in the book; the anti-hero Bernard Marx is Scottish, and he also does northern England (?

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Moby Dick (2-cassette radio play version) Get a good feeling for the story if you're not up to reading this 900 page novel. This set is a great way to reread or refresh your memory of the book, in any case. ), Cockney, and a very convincing American accent; but I found the accents distracting and that they sometimes added an extraneous element of humor where it wasn't necessarily intended. Of all of Austen's heroines, this is certainly the one most like the author herself. Outstanding reading, as is true of all the recordings in the cover-to-cover series.

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