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Email me @[email protected] and I'll give you my formula spreadsheets and a bunch of tips that I learned on the fly last year.

Hopefully you can do this because it makes that game so damn fun! Ethan Unfortunately I can't help with this project because of time constraints.

Thank you for sharing your gaming expertise with your fellow players! I got the exact same problem but changing my Xbox One audio setting to stereo uncompressed didn't help. Personally, I had no problem in the demo but I got a friend who had the same problem with the demo and the stereo uncompressed trick worked for him.

The game features the addition of a dunk contest and three point shootout while polishing the controls to be the most realistic basketball sim on the market.

His agent isn't happy, Anthony isn't happy, both of them are demanding a trade, and, as a result, 'Melo is mailing it on the floor, night in and night out.

Such is one of the purposefully exaggerated but nonetheless compelling problems you could be facing thanks to the upgraded features in the franchise mode of 2K Sports' upcoming hoops game: NBA 2K8.

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In previous games in the series, it was easy enough to load your team with all-stars (even at the same position) and players rarely would complain about playing time.That's because every player in the game has his own personality, divided along four types: unpredictable (the guys who can lash out at management; think Ron Artest), laid back (the Tim Duncans and Grant Hills of the NBA); neutral (the most common personality type in the game); and expressive (the loudmouths of the league; think Rasheed Wallace and Stephon Marbury).A player's personality will determine not just how he reacts to any role changes you make, but practically everything else that has to do with the tea, from play time to renegotiating a contract.In addition, each role has a handful of "subroles," which are essentially variations on the main role type.For example, the starter role has three subroles that more or less determine a starter's more specific role on the team--from the team starter to a guy who is replaceable if a better upgrade comes along.

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