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Getting a tattoo gives you freedom to express yourself as a unique free spirit.Body art expresses the rebel in us and is part of how we show that we are interesting and passionate women!

Or a tattoo can make a personal statement to the world about your values, your independence and beliefs.

Tattoos have moved past many of their negative associations and are widely accepted today.

But it seems to me that, even though tattoos are more “mainstream” than they used to be, the act of getting tattoos and body art is still about connecting with a cultural “tribe” or expressing a sense of intention or purpose.

Perhaps this is why they are so popular with Boomer women! And, I think that for older women in particular, getting a tattoo is just another expression of their newfound independence and self-awareness. Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo or body art?

Women over 60 have been around long enough not to worry about what other people think about them, and now we have the freedom to more fully express our creativity and passions in life.

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