Who is the mayor of la dating

Still a progressive, he took stands against child labor and Prohibition, and supported giving women the right to vote.

He also fought government waste and pork barrel legislation.

Though he lost, he received an impressive showing in a Democratic district.

In 1916, he won election to the House of Representatives, thus becoming Congress's first Italian-American member.

In March 1946, La Guardia became the director general of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

Once in office, La Guardia tried to find the best people for government jobs, rather than simply following political patronage.

This led to hires such as Robert Moses, who oversaw the city's parks.

Landrieu has asked the lawmakers to postpone moving the city's 2018 municipal elections from early winter to the preceding fall. Morrell, D-New Orleans, introduced on Landrieu's behalf, would push the change back to 2021.

That change is scheduled to take effect next year, but Senate Bill 434 by Sen. That bill was referred Wednesday (April 6) to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

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